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“In 2021, my husband and I moved to South Bruce Peninsula to live on the farm that I grew up on. I had always attended fitness and yoga classes in my previous, urban life, so I set out to find a local fitness centre. I was a bit concerned that I might have to drive to Owen Sound to find one. I could not have been more delighted to find the Cedar Wellness Centre on a quiet road just south of the Town of Wiarton.  Located in an idyllic cedar glen, the Cedar Wellness Centre is a tranquil retreat from a hectic world. Jessica, the owner, and fitness/yoga instructor could not be more welcoming and gracious. She offers a variety of yoga classes as well as spin classes on exercise bicycles. Jessica encourages everyone to go at their own pace. The classes are fun and invigorating a great social time as well as a great work out! Leaving the Cedar Wellness Centre, I always feel fit and rejuvenated.
Thank you, Jessica!”


“I have attended various classes throughout the years with Jess, owner of Cedar Wellness Studio! Jess has always been able to modify classes to my abilities and with consideration of me being pregnant or not at the time. Her level of expertise is what makes classes  enjoyable, and safe! — Aside
from Jess’s role inside the studio I’ve really enjoyed seeing how her family and business has supported the community in so many ways, from local businesses promotion to donating a considerable amount of items to the local psychiatric unit and homeless centres. Thanks!”


“Jessica has and still does through the practice of teaching yoga the art of being humbled in body form and being empowered in body form. Her teaching and example of using poses that express and release emotions that do not serve me was not something I expected to experience in class. Jessica continues to remind me that my breath is their to access when I need it not just for sustenance but for feeling alive.
I’m so grateful Jessica is in my life.”


“The studio is serene and  beautiful. Jess is so patient and fun. She is by far my favourite yoga and fitness instructor I’ve ever had! “


“I enjoy every workout and visit to cedar wellness studio! It’s such a welcoming space. I am partial to the spin classes and enjoy that Jess keep the energy high and motivation at peak during each session with her fun and powerful playlists. Jess is a wealth of knowledge and really has a passion for her business and it shows. Jess is continually learning so she can always share helpful information and introduce new techniques.”


“Joining Cedar Wellness Studio has been great for me. I joined spin class to keep myself moving and am so thankful I did. Jessica is so thorough with any health concerns and very accommodating with variations to the workout. Not only is the view into the forest so beautiful, the lighting is perfect as well. Jessica is very upbeat, gives great cues and makes class so much fun with awesome music too!!”