How to Uncover Your Inner You

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Each woman possesses three intrinsic powers and learning how to use them is a challenging yet rewarding experience. The first power, the power of authenticity, will lay the groundwork for tapping into the other two: the power of femininity and the power to uplift other women. So, let’s dive right in and talk about these powers, and how implementing their dos and don’ts will help you uncover your inner YOU.

The Power of Authenticity

Let’s first talk about what being authentic means. Being authentic is having the veracity to reveal who we are, inside and out. We act honestly about how we feel, no matter who is around us; we change for no one! We are truthful in the moment and express our core beliefs with passion, integrity, and respect.

How exactly does a person be authentic? Let’s talk about what a person wanting to be authentic shouldn’t do. Don’t follow the crowd, don’t look for permission from others, don’t look for external acknowledgment. Don’t worry about what others are doing or saying and don’t wait to be accepted. Most of all, don’t ever apologize for being yourself.

Instead, DO find your power and follow it! Do it, breathe it, love it, roll with it, and share it with those who want it. What makes you unique is how you do things. We need to find what resonates with us and believe in it, trust it, feel it, go with it, and adjust along the way. Fall in love with yourself every second because you are worth it.

“Ask yourself, am I being authentic? Here is the opportunity, are you going to take it?”

Feminine Power

We all have this passion inside of us, we can feel it especially when we find that one thing that resonates with us. It’s that feeling of empowerment, leadership, and spirituality. It’s the woman who shifts culture and has full confidence in who she is. It’s celebrating femininity and holding strong to it. So, celebrate your power because your power is what no one else has.

Let’s stand in our feminine power of who we are and who we want to be. Don’t let others’ expectations of you determine who you are. How many of my fellow females find themselves holding back who they really are due to others’ expectations, so they feel comfortable? Are you holding back who you really are because you’re afraid, or unsure of how others will react? If so, DO believe and trust in yourself. Rock who you are no matter what!

People are often afraid of how we will react, oh well!

“We can be moody, we can be loud, we are awesome, we react, we get tired, SO WHAT! You are you and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Don’t apologize for being clear on what you want and how you are. If we have the right people in our lives, these parts of us are valued.

Too often we are told to quiet who we are to suit the comfort of others. If this is happening DO find new people, places, and things; serve your highest self. We deserve everything amazing and nothing but. Do be truthful at the moment, set clear boundaries, and practice saying no.

Ask yourself am I being asked to quiet down, or am I standing in my power of femininity?

The Power to Uplift Other Women

This is a magical power that shows us how awesome us women are! Uplifting other women is being there for them when they need it. It’s showing up when they are too stubborn to ask for help! It’s reminding them that they are fierce and confident. It’s reminding them how they rock the world with their courage. It’s reminding them to be their own queen and to show their real beauty through being authentic. Encourage them to keep going!

Don’t discourage others, period.

Instead, do support them and inspire them. Help them find their power and watch them fly. Ways to do this can be simple. Compliment them, offer to watch their kids, show up with soup when they are sick, vote for them, and buy their goods. Share your brilliance with them.

Ask yourself am I supporting my fellow females?

I feel you ladies, I see you and I hear you! We are incredible women, and we have all three of these inner powers! We don’t need others’ approval or justification; all we need is to trust ourselves and truly love who we are. If we feel ourselves drifting away from our power, we need to have the self-awareness to know what helps bring us back. Maybe it’s exercising, writing, meditating, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, do it more!